Taking back your browser [ Edit ]

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Choosing a browser which which you can trust is not easy, but it is an extremely important topic. This page is meant to be a quick overview, you can find more details in linked pages.

First, if you're using any proprietary browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge), ditch it, they are the worst kind of spyware/malware.

Tweaked Firefox is a first choice (despite being advertised as very privacy-friendly, it's still doing shady things out of the box). Downside of Firefox is that its sandboxing mechanism isn't as good as Chromium's. See Firefox and Sandboxing for more details about mitigating that.

Second choice are degoogled Chromium-based browser (i.e. degoogled-chromium). Main upside is that they have better sandboxing capabilities out of the box. Main downside is that you're still supporting Google and helping them to tighten their iron-grip over the web.

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