Most important software alternatives [ Edit ]

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Quick overview of the most important alternatives:

  • Web browser: Consider switching to Firefox - it's the last standing front in fighting Google's iron-grip over the web. More details about tweaking and sandboxing Firefox

  • OS: All proprietary operating systems today contains backdoors and give you very little freedom and control. Switching to Linux is by far the most important switch you can make. Check out Linux Distributions.

  • Smartphone: All today's smartphones suck. The closest thing you can get to the real Linux on a phone are Librem 5 and Pinephone, but they are still not ready for practical, daily use (at least for majority of people). Android-based, LineageOS (Supported devices) and GrapheneOS (only Pixel devices) can be somewhat pragmatic options, but keep in mind they still leave a lot of proprietary blobs (Replicant is better in that regard, but it only works on older devices).

    • App store: F-Droid
  • Motherboard firmware: All Intel motherboards since ~2006 have a Intel ME backdoor which have full access to all your hardware, all AMD motherboards since ~2011 have PSP (their version of ME). Check out Coreboot for a lightweight, open-source alternative (Compatible hardware list).

    • If you're new to all this, you may want to skip this step for now, but it's something that's good to keep in mind, i.e. if you decide to shop for new hardware
  • Instant Messaging: Avoid all centralised services (i.e. Signal); XMPP (+OMEMO) is a battle-tested, federated, flexible messaging protocol. You can join one of existing servers (i.e. or host your own (i.e. ejabberd). Recommended Clients: Linux - Gajim,Dino; Android - Conversations.

  • Social Networking - ActivityPub - federated social networking standard; you can either join existing server (i.e. or host your own (i.e. Mastodon (RoR-based, bloated), Pleroma (Elixir-based, more lightweight))